Africa’s challenge is beyond words. We need to pay attention to her spiritual manifestations.

There is more to what meets the eyes. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. Spiritual realms control the physical realm and leaders of the world lead from their spiritual control offices. We have good leaders but what spirit are they submitted to? As a man thinks; so is he…

The spiritual dimension is not one-sided, but an ecosystem of life comprising of spiritual, political, economical and social/cultural aspects. These ecosystems of life don’t work in isolation. Life is about structures and systems. It is not enough for leaders to highlight the political or focus on satisfying spiritual needs; there must be a provision of physical sustenance as well.

We pray, we hear or receive instructions, but how many do we manifest or implement? It is wonderful to enjoy and feel good in spiritual things but it’s another thing to manifest known solutions or answers, letting things be done on Earth as they are done in Heaven. God made man in his image and likeness for man to have dominion on Earth. Man’s major value is to be the channel through which Heaven will be physically established or expressed on Earth. As much as we think of Heaven and even spend time with God in Heaven, God’s plan is for man to reign and rule on Earth guided by a sceptre of love.

I believe that our nation, as well as our continent, can truly be what God wants them to be. This, however, will require diligence, excellence, understanding transmutation attention to details, but most of all love. Great leaders of old, men and women alike, have been guided by love – Thomas Sankara, Mekatilili Wa Menza and Gandhi to name a few. In recent times, we have Harry Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Mia Amor Mottley of Barbados that affirm the possibilities of positive change. The change came as a result of their love and care for their people, not in the abuse of citizens. They promote/promoted national unity and patriotism, not selfishness and greed.

Once again, there is more than meets the physical eyes. Let’s submit to the spirit of love and obey its commandments. Our leaders need to understand what true love is, apply it to their personal lives and it will naturally be reflected in and impact their leadership culture.

Let’s genuinely work together in a spirit of love and cohesion to build the Africa we want!

Dr. Macaulay Kalu

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