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Who is Dr. Macaulay Kalu?

Dr. Macaulay Onyekachi Kalu is a Nigerian Canadian with more than 25 years of success in various senior leadership positions ranging from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Executive Officer, including many successful start-ups and turnarounds.

A seasoned multi-disciplined leadership advisor, he has diverse leadership background and a proven ability to lead organizations through intensive change and successful growth.  He is an expert in assessing, analyzing, creating strategies and policies to refine and focus a leader’s and team’s direction and performance. He understands the importance of motivating and improving the performance of others through principled and purpose-driven leadership with the spirit of excellence.

He has an outstanding record of accomplishments in several industries including media and entertainment, insurance, real estate, tourism, and hospitality.

As an elevated leader, Dr Macaulay Kalu is an elected Policy officer on the Diaspora focal point to Citizen and Diaspora Directorate of the African Union Commission (CIDO-AUC). He is the mastermind behind several establishments such as; African Union 6th Region, an organization representing all people of African descent in Canada and the Americas, Kingdom Leadership Network, a global leadership platform, Global Africa Media, Mooka Consult Inc., Canada and Mooka Strategy Ltd, Nigeria, a Consulting, Technology, Training and Outsourcing firm.
Dr Macaulay Kalu has several academic achievements in various disciplines such as Business Administration, Executive leadership, Counseling, and a doctorate in divinity. He has received several leadership awards such as; Immigrants talk show award, Nigeria High Commission leadership award, Canada and Daily Asset Newspaper award, Nigeria.
Dr Macaulay Kalu is an avid reader, excellent communicator, international negotiator and network facilitator. He is a blessed father of three sons and two beautiful daughters.  He believes LOVE is the key to world peace.

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